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That’s right baby! After selling out every show during the Sydney Comedy Festival season earlier this year, Nikki is returning to the Sydney Comedy Store with her critically acclaimed show Romanticide for one night only on September 22nd. Garnering 5 star reviews and award nominations across the country, you don’t want to miss this show!

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“Nikki Britton might be romanticide, but she brought me to life with her story of love, loss and redemption. Britton has a magnetic effect on the audience that had us all hanging on her every word. Her material is brilliant and her stage presence was earnest and endearing. I don’t think a single person left without a tear in their eye, whether from laughing or crying, who could say? It’s obvious that a lot of thought went in to crafting her narrative and it paid off big time. If you only see one show for the rest of the festival, it should be this one!”- Jacki Hope, Funny Tonne


The incredibly talented Hannah and Eliza Riley (Growing Up Gracefully, ABC) have just been funded by Screen Australia to go into production with their 6 part web series, Sheila’s. It is about the forgotten female heroes of Australia. I had the pleasure of working with the girls (read: Jumping, fully clothed, into a freezing Dawn Fraser ocean pool at about 7am) and the phenomenal Kate Box on the pilot earlier this year. Keep an eye out!


This post is June 2017. I am safely back in Sydney now. Also, the book was a joke, but if any publishers are keen, let’s talk!

Hey guys, quick question- how do you use those flappy things at the end of your legs? See, I thought I knew, but it turns out, no idea! I’ve gone down like Ariel. It’s unfortunate that it took me stepping off a train in remote Italy to find out just how inept I am with using anything south of my knee, on day one of my three week, solo European adventure. DAY ONE! Is been less ‘Eat. Pray. Love.’ More ‘Eat. Schlep. Cry.’ So anyway, that was ages ago now. The story of the event itself has now been superseded by copious accounts of elderly Italian men making sexual advances in orthopaedic waiting rooms at hospitals across the country and having to fend them off with my rental crutches. “Stop licking your lips Giuseppe! No means no, even in Italian! Put your teeth back in!” I was hoping to buy a nice pair of boots in Italy, but I could only afford the moon boot I’m currently sporting. ‘Eat. Schlep. Cry.’- available in bookstores June 2018. 


Steve Bennett from Chortle had some bloody lovely things to say about Romanticide

‘It’s going to be a lot of energy in a small space for an hour,’ Nikki Britton promises. And indeed delivers.

But Romanticide is so much more than that. Yes, she is a tsunami of sass who uses her powerful force of personality to drive forward this invigorating romp through her many romantic failings and humiliations. But behind the bold physical performance – especially her hilarious miming out of intimate moments – are some great anecdotes, held together with a strong narrative thread.

In her failed quest for love, she speaks of playing the helpless, polite girl-next-door, inspired by pliant Disney princesses, in the belief that will woo the fellas. But that’s just a veneer for the bawdy, base woman within.

Since there’s no need for niceties on the comedy stage, we see a lot more of the second personality here, but her unabashed frankness, whether owning her embarrassment or shaming a selfish lover, is compelling. Ignoring red flags in her dates seems to be habitual, and the true tales of her treatment at the hands of awful men make her vulnerable, even if her supercharged confidence on stage suggests otherwise.

This makes the audience – about 80 per cent female, but needn’t be – love her as an old friend, uttering an involuntary, sympathetic ‘aww,’ when she tells of her  heartbreak, a morale-boosting ‘you look great!’ when speaking of her insecurities and plenty of ‘it’s so true’ interjections, which don’t aways help the flow but which Britton incorporates effortlessly and with good grace.

Mores of modern dating, such as the dick pic, inevitably get a look-in, as does gynaecological detail, physical indignity and the delightful phrase ‘tits akimbo’. But everything is kept fresh through personal resonance. Oh and she talks about pigeons, too, which provide a surprisingly relevant analogy for the topic in hand.

Britton can be a dirty comic, for sure, but she does it with a conviction, honesty, and hell-for-leather performance that makes her compelling, especially in such a sweaty, intimate space. Few comics reduce their audience to the constant waves of laughter for the full hour like Britton does.

She may be failing in romance, but she’s winning in comedy.

Review date: 21 Apr 2017
Reviewed by: Steve Bennett

L.A.dies and Gentlemen…

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Nikki is currently touring in LA! She is hitting comedy hot spots such as The Laugh Factory and Flappers Comedy Club and charming audiences with her sunny Australian outlook. Check her out at:

May 5th, 6pm- Flappers

May 10th, 6pm- Laugh Factory

May 10-14th, 11pm- Lyric-Hyperion Theatre

May 15th, 5pm- ‘Funny’n’Stiletto’s’, Flappers

May 16th, 8pm- ‘The Sandy Crahford Show’, MiMoDa Studio

May 20th, 9pm- ‘Oh my Ribs’, Low Bar Improv

May 23rd, 9pm- ‘Jay Davis Show’, The Parlor

May 24th, 8pm- ‘Celebrity Drop Inn’, Flappers

May 24th, 9:30pm- ‘The Aftermath’, The Lexington

An Incredible Show


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The phenomenal performers from Can You See Me? Theatre Company blew the flippin minds of their sold out audiences last week as they debuted their new work Water Angel at the Sydney Opera House. Seriously, it has been such an incredible pleasure to work with these guys over the last four years. I can’t wait to celebrate your achievements with you all when I’m back in the country! Thanks Duncan Ragg for stepping into the parrot claws. And congrats to Kylie Harris for channelling her superb madness and beautiful heart into this project.

Pictured: Ian Mitchell

Stage to screen….

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Pumped doesn’t begin to describe how we are feeling about heading into development with a new TV project. It’s all on the shush right now, but stay tuned for more exciting details to come!

Sassy, soulful sentiments…

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We’re excited to say that the first batch of Sasquatch Cards have gone to print! They will be available from the website very soon. Sasquatch Cards were born out of a need to find a greeting card with a sentiment my friends and myself could get behind; sentiments sent from modern women, to modern women, about the shit that happens in a modern life. Where’s the card for living alone for 7 years and never once blowing yourself up?! Or for not settling for a douche bag because the old bio clock screamed at you to lock it in?! Amongst other hilarious and heartbreaking moments that need to be acknowledged and celebrated. I hope to give a voice to those moments when you can’t quite find the words. They will be brave and ballsy and beautiful, like all the fabulous humans I hope to give them to. And funny as hell too. Watch this space….